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Alonissos in the best

Alonissos in the best Sustainable destinations in the world

Called ‘the Parthenon of shipwrecks’, the eerie remains of the ancient Peristera ship recently opened as the first underwater museum in Greece accessible to recreational divers. 

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Skiathos Tzougria Themis iv

Skiathos: Nature’s triumph

This gorgeous isle in the Sporades boasts more than 60 beaches,This gorgeous isle in the Sporades boasts more than 60 beaches,some of which are among the best in Greece, silvery olive groves and dense pine forests,and a nostalgic summer vibe that gets in your bones.

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COVID-19 pleasure boats

COVID-19 pleasure boats

Instructions for the prevention and treatment of COVID-19 cases on commercial pleasure boats after the lifting of the restrictive measures against the COVID-19 pandemic

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They call the beautiful costume Stofa


Have you ever visited Greece? And by Greece, I do not mean Mykonos or Santorini that many people want to visit because of their cosmopolitan atmosphere, their blue and white houses, and their crowded beaches.

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Enjoy the best places to see in Skiathos with a plan including Themis M.C.P.Y

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